About Steve

Steven Connally’s brilliance began long ago in the Southern California city of Fountain Valley. He was a precocious child whose brains were only matched by his adorableness and his love of baseball. As he grew, he learned about all of the baseball greats like Koufax, Aaron, and Ruth. He also learned about the great Republicans like Lincoln, Reagan, and God. God is still his favorite and inspired his book, The God Bet, which is available on Amazon.

Similar to a good rock ‘n roll documentary, Steve has had his low points along the way, but with less drugs and more ice cream. Among his many accomplishments, a few of the highlights are playing baseball for 4 seasons in Mexico, being published in The American Spectator, visiting every Major League ballpark, having 3 cashes at the World Series of Poker, and coaching hundreds of baseball players throughout the years.

Steve has a degree in political science from California State University, Long Beach and currently resides in Southern California where he teaches and coaches baseball.